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Fungal infection is also known as mycosis. It is a skin disease which is caused by fungi. Fungi are the type of micro-organisms which are grown in damp and moist places. They normally don’t occur on or inside the body but they can cause infection on colonization. They can affect any part of the body. They are contagious and can be easily spread from one person to another. There are million species of fungi and they are found everywhere like on plants, household surfaces, in dirt and on the skin.


Fungi get easily reproduced by releasing spores into the air. These spores are then inhaled or come in direct contact with the skin. This leads to infection of skin, nails and lungs. It can penetrate inside the skin and can affect body organs.

Some of the common fungal diseases are:

  • Jock itch – It is known as Tinea cruris. It is the fungal infection which affects groin area. It is more common among men.
  • Athlete’s foot – The other name of athlete’s foot is Tinea pedis. It is the most common type of fungal infection. It affects the skin between the toes. It also affects soles of feet.
  • Vaginal yeast infection – It is the fungal infection of vagina in females. It occurs because of the overgrowth of fungi in vagina.
  • Ringworm – It is called Tinea corporis. It is the ring-like rash on skin.
  • Onychomycosis – It is the fungal infection of nails. It most commonly occurs on toe nails. The nails become yellow and gray.
  • Scalp ringworm – This is known as Tinea capitis. In this, fungal infection of the scalp occurs. It mostly affects children and leads to hair loss.


The common signs and symptoms of fungal infection are:

  • Peeling of skin
  • Presence of scales on skin
  • Blisters
  • Reddish-white skin rashes
  • Intense itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Circular rashes with raised edges


In Ayurveda, fungal infection is called Dadru. Dadru is caused by the vitiation of the pitta and kapha doshas. This leads to manifestation of fungal disease. Circular skin rashes, itching and burning sensation of the skin are some of the most common symptoms. It occurs because of the unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits and dirty surroundings.

Some of the herbs which are very helpful in treating fungal infection are:

  • Bakuchi
  • Tuvaraka
  • Nimba
  • Dhatura
  • Karveera
  • Daruharidra
  • Gandhaka
  • Aaragwadha
  • Turmeric
  • Karanja


Here are some of the medications of Chandigarh ayurved center which are used for the treatment of fungal infection:

1. Detox Premium Powder

Detox premium powder is a very effective ayurvedic medicine to cure blemishes as it purifies the whole body by removing excess toxins from the body. The powder is composed of shukta pishti, giloy satv, gandhak rasayan, moti pishti, akik pishti, shankh bhasma, etc. The ingredient reduces all the signs and symptoms associated with the blemishes.

Recommended Dosage– Take 1 sachet twice daily with normal water.

2. Twak Churana

This herbal powder is prepared from two herbs Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) & Chopchini (Smilax malabarica) that in combination reduces uneven pigmentation. Manjishtha mainly helps in deep detoxification and blood purification. It can also be used for hand lotion to treat dry, cracked hands, or feet. This herbal powder is good for dry skin, rashes, acne. It has been used in psoriasis. Skin Glow powder removes toxins and impurities of blood. This powder helps to rejuvenate and promote the longevity. It helps to open the blocked sweat pores. This powder is used in infectious conditions like, eczema, pimples, and chronic skin disorders.

Recommended Dosage– Take 1 teaspoonful twice a day with normal water.

3. Twak Tailam

Twak tailam is very effective for the skin as it deeply nourishes the tissues and improves the skin luster. The tailam is composed of yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), manjistha (Rubia cordifolia), etc. The tailam supports skin health, helps in reducing uneven pigments, improves complexion, and helps in deep detoxification and blood purification without any side effects.

Method of Application– Apply over the affected area of the skin.

4. Skin care tablet

Skin care tablet is a pure ayurvedic formulation. It help to maintain the texture of your skin depending on the type of skin you have. It contains various herbs like Haridra khand, Panchnimb churna, Khadir chahal, Chirayta, Mulethi, Chopchini, Gandhak, Ajmoda that work very effectively on all skin types. Skin care is a blood purifying tablet. It cools and detoxifies the blood, increase blood circulation of the skin. It minimizes the blemishes, lighten sun tan, delay ageing of skin and heal skin problems.

Recommended Dosage– Take 1 tablet twice daily.

5. Itch Care Tablet

It is pure herbal combination which is purely natural. Skin primarily protect our body from toxins present in environment. Itching is related to various skin problems like dermatitis or irritates such as nickel in jewelry, infected cut. Chronic skin condition like psoriasis, acne and due to internal conditions like blood, lungs, and liver. Mainly toxins in skin arises due to excess rakta dhatu and rasa or  plasma nourishes the skin.

Recommended Dosage– Take 1 tablet twice daily.

6. Handmade Neem Soap

NEEM capsules 100% Safe and purely Ayurvedic preparation. CAC NEEM CAPSULES is natural and herbal product prepared from the standard extract of herb Neem (Azadirachta indica). Neem herb is widely used to cure acute to chronic Skin problems such as Pimples, Itching, Dryness, Blemishes, Dark spots, Pigmentation, Scars etc. Neem leaves are rich in Vitamin-E, Fatty acids & emollients. It is such a wonderful herb that is easily available and shows Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Anti-microbial, Antifungal, Antiseptic properties. Neem cleanses the pores and protects the skin from various infections, Psoriasis, Eczema, Leprosy, Skin ulcers.

Dosage:1 cap twice daily after  meal with plain water

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